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I was born in Barcelona, ​​Spain in 1974. I am fourth generation of antique dealers. As a child, I always had a special attraction for the instruments that my father had in his shop: a piano, a violin, a trumpet, a clarinet ... and through the years I spent restoring antique furniture, I learned to appreciate this material Precious called wood. I started playing the bass at a relatively late age, while studying Philosophy at the Ramón Llull University (Barcelona). When I finished my studies I moved to Cleveland, Ohio (USA). I sold my bass to pay for my plane ticket ... and this is where, by chance, my history as an instrument maker began. When I returned to Spain, in 1999, I decided to build my own bass, since I had the raw material in my antique shop located in the market of the Charms, in Barcelona. It was my first attempt, but something very beautiful, a great attraction, was stirred in my mind, so I built another, and another, and another ... It was a discovery for me. They spent some years, experimenting, reading many books on the subject, gathering information ... In 2003 I met Stephen Higgins, an  American luthier based in Barcelona, ​​who became my teacher and friend. I studied four years with him, learning the trade in depth. He taught me the secrets and the technique for

the professional creation of a handmade instrument in the traditional / artisan style. In 2007, after those years of learning, making and creating my own style, I returned to the United States, with the conviction that this was the perfect place to start my professional career. I created the company Prat Basses, which has now become a true prestigious brand when we talk about high quality electric instruments. But the way to achieve this prestige has not come from night to day. The work, the perseverance, a lot of effort and dedication I started the business in the small garage of my house, in Canton, Ohio, where with 4 machines, a work table and a stove to withstand the freezing winters of the north of the United States, I built the first bass guitars and made in the USA. Those first commissions served as an exhibition, since I always showed my work in the forums dedicated to bass and electric guitar. My popularity was growing little by little, and after 2 years I decided to take the leap, and became a member of the National Association of Music Merchants, and I went to the NAMM show 2010 (Anaheim, California) to be able to compare my work with that of the great ones. But my surprise was huge, since it was a big stir due to some of my instruments, very special and unique, that until then nobody had built before. For example, a 12-string bass headless, which was the first of its kind to be conceived. Finally, I received the award for the best electric bass product of NAMM 2010 by the prestigious specialized magazine Bass Gear Magazine From that date things changed a lot. The work skyrocketed, and the Prat Basses brand became very popular throughout the United States. The management of the business became a key point, since the demand for instruments was much higher than what I had imagined. The workshop had to be modernized, with new machines and installations, from the garage to an industrial site. It also became necessary to acquire and learn new technologies, such as learning and conducting advanced 3D design programs and CNC machines for the construction of parts. With all this, numerous articles, interviews, comments in the specialized media ... served me to extend the business and settle my name and brand as prestigious and quality throughout the world, receiving orders from places as diverse as Japan, Australia, Russia, China, Europe, Mexico ... Besides being able to work with some of the best artists in the world, such as Chris Cardone, Igor Saavedra, Jared Lees, Pato Muñoz, Jon Von Boehm, Theron Brison, Jauqo XXX, Bill Clements, Roy Vogt, Garry Goodman, etc In 2013 I decided to move to Nashville, Tennessee, the city of music. It was no longer necessary to be in a specific place to run the business, because the orders of my instruments are made online, via email or social networks. There, I settled in the center of the city, where I could collaborate side by side with one of the most prestigious finisher of the world, Steve Fazio to be able to cover the great demand of instruments. During the 3 years I have been in Nashville I have followed the same philosophy with which I started, to be able to create a maximum quality instrument, with the best possible materials, and with a unique artistic personality.


Finally I decided to return to Spain to enjoy the family and expand my professional dream. On the road between Madrid and Cuenca, in a large 18th century mansion, Prat Basses and his luthier Oscar F. Prat continue to build some of the best bass and guitars that can be acquired today. But in addition, a formational vocation has arisen to develop and expand both the business and the personal aspect, seeking new goals such as the creation of a school of lutheria with which to pass the witness of this great profession.

Oscar F. Prat

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